Purchasing Electric Kettles: Tips and Advice

An electric kettle is an essential requirement for any business setup or a household where people frequently require making tea or coffee. Many of it are manufactured by different brands available in the market. Although there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to purchasing an electric kettle, there are some points that need to be kept in mind before purchasing.

Electric kettles are available in models that are corded as well as cordless. Even though most people will buy a corded kettle due to a lower price, you should consider purchasing a cordless one if you can spend slightly more. The main reason for this is the portability of the kettle. Instead of being restricted to the office or house kitchen, the kettle can be transported around the house or office. Your opportunities of spilling boiling water by tripping over the kettle cord reduce significantly with the use of a cordless kettle.

You can choose between kettles that have one fixed temperature or variable temperatures at which water can be boiled at. People with lower budgets would definitely go for a single temperature electric kettle. However, if you are willing to invest in an electric kettle that provides you with the best brewed coffee and tea, choosing the model that comes with variable temperature presets may be a good idea.

You should always consider electric kettles that will stop working once the water reaches its boiling point. If you purchase an electric kettle that is not capable of doing so, you may end up forgetting one day that you have set your kettle to boil water. This may result in the water inside the kettle drying out and the kettle may become damaged. If not detected on time, it may also cause an electric fire.

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Ring in the New Year With Glam Gold Jewelry

Nothing decks you out for New Year's Eve like glamorous gold. If there is one night of the year when you want to pull out all your bling, this is it.

Think about it, countries all over the world celebrate the last day of the old year by marking the dawning of the new year. Some places celebrate with fireworks, such as Australia, which lights fireworks over Sydney Harbor. In the United States, since 1904 people have counted down the stroke of midnight using a giant illuminated ball perched high above in Times Square. A worldwide celebration like that is a great opportunity to dress it up!

A variety of golds are used in today's jewelry – everything from 10, 12 14 and 24K jewelry to modern processes such as Silicoro ™, which combines a hypoallergenic thermosilicone tube with a delicate 14K gold wire. These gold-tone silicone strands are woven around the tube to create the illusion of a solid piece. The result is an affordable, but durable piece of jewelry. Another new technique in use is Electroform, which creates hollow, lightweight pieces of gold jewelry.

You also have the choice of different colors of gold, the most common of which are white, rose and yellow gold. Pure gold is too soft for most jewelry, so another metal has to be added to it. The particular metal used in the mix is ​​what determines the color of the gold.

Yellow gold is what most people think of when they hear the word "gold." Pure gold is 24K – or 24 karats; 18K gold is 18 parts gold, mixed with six other metals and 14K gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts of another metal. The minimum amount of gold – and still be considered "gold" – is 10K gold, which is 10 parts gold and 14 parts of another metal.

White gold is mixed with nickel to create the white or gray color. Another metal often used in palladium. It is more expensive than nickel, but is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Rose gold contains copper. The more copper mixed with the gold, the deer the pink or rose tones you will get.

The best part of understanding the different golds is to see how they are used in today's jewelry:


One of the most dynamic gold necklaces is the Silicoro ™ 18-inch, multi-strand "Celebration" necklace. It will add instant glam to any outfit you wear it with. Made of dozens of silicone and yellow gold strands, it contains 6.3 grams of gold. When combined with the silicone, it weighs a hefty 70.6 grams. It closes with a 14K gold lobster clasp.

You can also get the same necklace with fewer strands, which naturally brings down the cost, but keeps up the bling. The 15-strand necklace is available in 18- and 20-inch length. It also comes in yellow, white and rose gold.

If you fall in love with the look, check out the multi-strand "Celebration" bracelets and the hoop earrings, which come in the three gold tones, as well as a tri-color gold.

If you want a simpler, more lightweight gold necklace, consider the 24-inch Diamond Cut Circle Link Necklace. It would look stunning against bare skin or a solid blouse. The 14K gold is crafted in a diamond cut, which lets each circle and link sparkle in the nightlight. It comes in white or yellow gold and closes with a lobster clasp.


Make a statement on your wrist with a bold 14K gold Electroform floral bangle bracelet. This beautiful 7-inch long and 1–inch wide bangle features a bouquet of diamond cut roses, calla lilies and leaves. You will love the feeling of this much gold around your wrist.

Keep the look going with a matching 14K gold Electroform Dolce Bouquet Ring. This dome-shaped ring is actually a bouquet of flowers, created in the same style as the bracelet above. Its setting is 1 1/8 inch long by 1 1/16 of an inch wide and a eye-catching–inch high.

If you want a sleeker, elegant look, check out the 14K Gold Flex Bangle Bracelet with your choice of gems. The woven gold bracelet has a contemporary look and measures 7 in inches by of of an inch wide. Best of all, the bracelet is lightweight and flexible and comes in several combinations:

Try a polished black rhodium plated 14K yellow gold bracelet with a 0.55ct, oval-shaped amethyst.

Mix it up with a two-tone gold bracelet, made of 14K white and gold jewelry and set with a 0.55ct. oval-shaped sapphire cabochon. Or stick with the basic 14K yellow gold and take your choice of an oval-shaped red coral, ruby ​​or turquoise cabochon stone (carat weight varies by stone).

No matter what style you choose, you can not go wrong with gold for any celebration.

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How to Imitate the Beauty of Exotic Women

You must borrow a physical asset from at minimum 5 different ethnicities of women to establish profound exotic beauty that entices and arouse the human soul. Universal beauty is not owned by any race or ethnic group alone which is why women like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian are praised as possessing star beauty as some of the most beautiful women in the world. If you look at these women you will find that they all share physical assets that are not typical for their ethnicity or body type; and that they have a blend of feminine sexual characteristic that are atypical for most women who share their ethnicity.

The most beautiful women in the world all share features or beauty techniques from various ethnic groups of women from around the world which taps into the collective human standard of universal beauty. The secret of exuding exotic beauty is to think about how the beauty treatment will make you look when you are naked or how people will imagine that you look naked.

Enhance or emphasize one or more of your following features:

1. Do you have natural looking full lips? Some women have gone too far with the lip enhancing techniques, but if this is an area that will add a little zest to balance your facial features you may enhance your lips by using a shiny lip gloss or lip liner. I am not promoting plastic surgery or believe in using anything that I can’t take out at night. Use your own judgment.

2. Change your eye color with to blue, green, gray, violet or hazel brown with contact lenses. Use an eyeliner to make your eyes look more like Chinese or Asian women.

3. Buy a wig or hair extensions. You will be surprised at how something as simple as a long or short ponytail can add glamour and sexiness to your over all look. Most ponytails are less than $15.

4. Change your hair color. If you are blonde, try changing your hair to auburn. If your hair is black add high lights. There are so many fun things to do with your hair-just let go and use your imagination.

5. Show off your cleavage in a natural, sexy, classy understated manner. For example, if you have small breasts wear spaghetti straps, tank tops, halter tops and fun sexy long dresses that girls with big breasts cannot wear. This is a way to show your feminine beauty that shows that you take delight and pride in your body shape just the way nature intended.

6. Wear outfits that compliment your butt. If you don’t have round shapely buttocks, you can buy butt pads to make your clothes fit nicer. Have you noticed that whenever a white woman has a round, voluptuous butt the media emphasizes this asset but not when a black woman has a shapely voluptuous butt? I suspect that it is because it is boring or expected. However, when a black woman has naturally long flowing hair or light colored eyes she becomes more exotic because this is not expected.

7. Change your skin color by using a liquid bronzer. If you are dark you obviously can’t lighten skin, but you should wear bold royal blue, purples and grays to make you skin tone pop. If your skin looks pale this gives off the appearance of not being healthy and vibrant.

8. Add fake eyelashes. Even without makeup you will have a glamorous, sexy look when you wake up in the morning.

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The Fundamental Importance Of Jobs In Society

Being in employment is critical to living a good life. To many people, this may seem a rather fundamental, if not basic, statement. However, whilst the financial aspect of having a job is important, things are a good deal more important than this. Indeed, jobs play an integral role in the mental and physical health of a society.

Being out of employment for an extended period of time is incredibly damaging to the health of a person; being responsible for the development of many medical conditions. Stress and depression are commonly associated with the unemployed of course, but things go a good deal further than this.

An integral part to being a worthy and valued member of society is to possess good social skills. Whilst these are essentially developed throughout early childhood, maintaining them is necessary; as it is with any other part of the human makeup. As such, being away from interaction with other people for a protracted period of time severely diminishes the social abilities of a person.

The result of this is that people lose touch with what is going on in the world; lose touch with their friends and family members, and do not converse with strangers on a daily basis. The effects of this are far ranging; allowing for people to become more withdrawn from society and as a result, less likely to perform well at interview, thus creating an ever worsening vicious circle.

Those that develop such mental problems are also more likely to go on to develop physical problems. Often, these are as a result of a diminishing in their hygiene standards, which causes weaknesses in the immune system and the development of viruses and infections. That these people are less likely to consult a doctor too, compounds the issue.

Whilst those people having jobs are likely to be healthier then, things are not plain sailing. Indeed, for those people who are working in a position that they passionately do not enjoy, their mental health will likewise be negatively affected. In some cases, the effects could be worse than not having a job at all.

Understanding what makes for good jobs as opposed to bad jobs is, in a great many ways, a very personal preference however. At least for those in work, they are in a better position to look for something better than they already have. Those not in work, may have to accept a job offer which is not really for them of course which, over time, could only serve to make their mental and health situation even worse.

Source by Mark Andrew Woodcock

33 Wedding Glam Ideas


Movie divas of yesteryear like Ava, Marilyn and Mariene epitomized glamor at it's best! From coffered hair to scarlet drawn lips and sexy lined cat eyes, the makeup was I feminine, sensual and attention-grabbing all at the same time.

Strong glamorous makeup needs no distraction! Pull hair away from the face and slick it back into a stylish chignon or twisted into beautiful bun. Keep stray hair in place with lots of hair shine and hairspray.

If you prefer leaving your long locks down, make sure you have a big hair do that will capture everyone's attention. For more drama, get your stylist to add loose curls with lots of volume. To finish, add a spray of crystals or glitter to your hair for some star-quality.

Do away with the tiaras and flowers in your sleek bun or chignon and get long hair pins and clips. Choose long stick-like hair pins with dangling jewels or cloisonné designs. It's classic bridal beauty with an exotic touch. For something with more sparkle, a diamond brooch or tiara would be perfect.

The new Guerlain L'OR Radiance Concentrate with pure gold makeup base gives a shimmering gold radiance when applied on the face. You can use it sparingly for a more subtle glow or intensively on focused areas for a sexy highlight. Available from Gurlain counters.

Depending on your color theme, why not add Touches of gleaming metallic color to your makeup palette. Remember not to over do it; tiny accents of shiny color brightens any look. Focus on the eyes and eyelids; for lips, a sparkly red sheen adds fullness and sexiness

Get instant cheekbones and achieve the super sexy model look using Benefit's High Beam. Just dab on the luxurious silver-pink liquid for sub highlights on cheekbones and a slim nose effect. Available from Benefit counters.

Play it up with dramatic diamante false lashes, Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar has a large selection of stylish eyelashes that's perfect for creating that dazzling flutter. Illuminate eyes with a Swarovski crystal lash set or keep it slip with metallic silver strands of lower eyelashes. You can even customize your own couture lashes for the personalize touch.

Forget pretty trinkets that are either here nor there. If you are wearing a shoulder baring gown, go for multi-strands pearl or crystal chokers with dramatic pendants, for V-shaped, low back or scalloped necklines, long glittering strands looped in layers are elegant and add a dash of old world romance. To match simple sheaths, drape luxurious gems all over. You can also try bigger pieces on your arms, waist and shoulders.

More designers are lining their gowns with trims beyond laces and frills. Feathers (short and long) are dramatic accents if used at the right places: along the hems of tiered skirts or as an embellishment to scattered crystal beading. Feathered shawls or even a feather boa instantly ups the glam factor too. To complete the look, get a hat designer to create a dramatic headgear with striking colored feathers.

The higher the better. Forget low flats or stumpy heels. Glamor looks demand glamorously high stilettos. Super high heels are the perfect fit for gowns with long trains. Opt for diamante or crystal trimmed designs ion silver or gold leather.

Choose a stylish satin clutch to complement to your glamorous evening or bridal gown. The clutch is fashionable and perfect for mounting makeup essentials too.

While a long veil is nice, give it a modern touch by having your pouf cropped at shoulder-length and secured tightly in place by a crystal studded headband. You can also ask your bridal designer to embroidery sequins or diamantes all over your veil. It gives a dazzling effect that appears as if you have sparkling gems scattered all over your head.

Gorgeous manicured nails are a must. Choose a bright dazzling color with glitter or a sheen to match your evening gown or bridal theme. If you must have French manicured nails, opt for a colored tip in gold or silver instead of the usual white. It's more edgy and classy.

Tiny posies are dainty and pretty, for something glamorous, have a larger bouquet and wrap your stems with jewelry or luce satin ribbons for a dramatic appeal.


Glamorous styles mean sultry, fluid lines that fit and slide over every curve. Mermaid of corseed sheaths with esra long trains are perfect styles. A low back or a plunging deep V-neckline showcasing glittering diamond necklaces are stunning attention-grabbers while short dresses dressed with glittering tassels or gold and silver lace and beadwork is a sure hit anytime.

Dress up your simple slinky gown with lush flamboyant shawls. Or do what john Galliano did in his past collections for Christian Dior: He used a Chinese embroidered sil shawls as part of a stunning evening gown.

For some star glamor, get your brial posse dressed in gold dresses or hints of gold (like gold sashes, headbands, ties, flowers or cuffs). It'll be impressive and stunning.


Beside a color theme like scarlet red or gold, think sparkling embellishments you can use to dress up staid settings. Sequins and shiny beaded strands can be used to decorate candleholders, floral centerpieces and even plate settings. Just get the right hue to match your color theme ie. Silver with white or pink, gold with red or green.

Forget pretty, tiny flowers. For more impact, large luscious blooms and oversized leaves and ferns add more color and drama to any wedding venue or setting. You can also opt for multi-tiered floral arrangements that help fill up larger spaces. Whether it's multi-hued or a single striking color, these towering arrangements may be all you need for a glamorous setting.oh

The formal sit-down banquet dinners are overdone. For a stylish celebration, have a fancy buffet spread with bite-size trees, elegant canapés, classy table decorations and bubbly champagne. To add to the festive ambience, opt for on-the-spot fresh cooking of special dishes. This can cost much less than the usual banquet as well.

Dine like the rich and famous royal families. Instead of round banquet tables, opt for long rectangular tables that stretch along the length of the ballroom. It exudes a sense of grandeur and splendor.

Instead of the traditional bride and groom figurines or flower display, why not top your cake with a spectacular jeweled monogram. You can also design your own topper using wire and accented with crystals, glass beads or rhinestones for added glitter and glamor.

Perfect for an all-adult bridal celebration. Have an open interactive bar packed with various fruits and liqueur flavors. Your guests will have fun creating their own cocktails and mixes. You can even provide a recipe menu at the side. Serve in wide-mouth glasses for a modern touch.

Lights are attractive and alluring and great for a stunning celebration. String fairy lights all around the room for more glam sparkle.

Square and circular cake shapes are a yawn. Try a hexagonal design or mix square and circle tiers together for a unique appeal. For the more adventurous, you can design your cake according to your theme such as having a tall magnificent castle cake for a princess wedding or a large sailboat design for a nautical theme.

Chinese silk fabrics are rich and lush. You can have red accents in your settings or use Chinese embroidery skills for table clothes or drapes. Do not forget the lacquered paper fans and chopsticks as wedding favors.

Create the magnificent atmosphere of a lavish tent by drying long pieces of solid gold, silver or ruby ​​colored cloth outward from the center of the ceiling with the lavish chandeliers hanging above.

For the evening celebration, have you guests wave sparklers around during your march in. Or, you can have the sparklers stuck onto your wedding cake and have them lighted before the cake cutting ceremony.

Instead of having the waiters do a grand march in when serving the first dish, get them to do a cake parade and serve each table individual 10 inch bridal cakes. Induce a variety of designs and cake flavors.


Brides wearing a cheongsam or chino inspired evening gown can carry a chic hand-painted Chinese paper fan rather than the usual bouquet of flowers. If you're having your wedding outdoors, you can even carry a lovely hand-painted oriental paper umbrella to shade yourself. They also make for great favors.

Rather than have your guest come up with their own red packet, design your own stylish version and slip it in together with your invitation card. Or, you can create a wedding gift envelope and send it together with the invitation. It's also a great way to hint that monetary gifts are preferred.

Play around with font, paper, prints and texture (use brocade, sequins, ribbons, diamantes, crystals silk) to create a glamorous invitation card. It'll definitely give your guests a peek into what to expect at your wedding

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