Style Ideas to Add Glamor to Your Home

Stagnant decor can benefit from a quick glamour update that does not have to break your bank. Mark Nash author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home and syndicated columnist for offer quick ways for you to add glamor to your home. Some inexpensive ways to add a touch or major glamor to your home.

-Add a large vase or urn on desk, table or vanity. Fill with fresh flowers on special occasions and european silk flowers for everyday. Use tone-on-tone colors such as white-on-white. Big blossoms say luxury.

-Lighting can set a glam mood. Picture lights, up-lights behind sofas and potted green plants and candles on pillar style holders in big scale say drama. Do not forget to put table lamps, sconces and recessed cans on dimmers.

-Shimmer and shine. Chrome, crystal and shiny fabrics like velvet can zip up a tired look. Large mirrors with silvered frames add punch and reflect the glamor from around the room.

-Furniture paint finishes add luxe. Glossy paint and lacquer looks say quality. Opt for black when in doubt. Antique white works best in bedrooms.

-Paint walls deep rich colors. Ming red, dark brown and turquoise are great backdrops for glamorous furnishings.

-Fabrics can balance dramatic statements. Raw silk and linen in solid colors complement glamour touches.

Source by Mark Nash

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