Glamorous Bridal Shoes to Compliment Any Wedding Gown

A woman's wedding is one of the most important days of her life. From the gown she chooses to the man she weds, every second is of utmost importance. Whether your wedding is big or small, every moment matters. After choosing your wedding gown, choosing your shoes is one of the most important parts of your wedding day outfit.

Shoes have always been a woman's best friend (contrary to popular belief, which holds that diamonds are what keeps a woman's heart in check). They can make or break an outfit, and there are so many different ones to choose from!

How does one decide which shoes will compliment their outfit best? Do you choose by color, by type of heel? Do you dye your shoe to perfectly match your dress, or do you go all out and contrast your shoes with your dress? No matter what you choose, your happy face is the best accessory you and your lucky husband to be could ask for.

Here are some helpful tips to help you decide what glamorous bridal shoes will best compliment your gown.Satin peep toe high heel platforms look great with a variety of dresses. Satin, being a naturally dressy material, compliments almost any gown, no matter if you're wearing chiffon, organza, velvet or tulle. These heels come in a variety of colors, and can be dyed to match your gown if you're going for an exact color match.

With a feel that is decidedly girly and just a bit Parisian, the bow detail on these satin shoes adds a touch of sweet to these chic shoes. With a platform heel and cut away detail that reveals the arch of your foot, these shoes will boost you up four inches, so that you can meet the lips of your groom without having to stand on your tiptoes.

Silver shoes are the token choice of footwear for many a bride – these shoes go with just about any dress, from strapless to halter, long to short, princess to swing style. These shoes can easily go from the church to the dance floor in just s few seconds, and are great to be reused for a night out on the town.

These shoes are metallic silver and offer snake print on a platform sandal with a zipper back. Many a bride has worn silver in her day, and that's because she goes with just about anything. No matter what color you choose, silver shoes will go perfectly – if you are looking to start with your shoes and then pick your gown from there, silver shoes are the way to go, as they'll match any dress you pick.

Gals with a penchant for glitz and glam will love a strappy gold rhinestone sandal. Completely encrusted with rhinestones, these shoes will be the showstoppers with just about any gown, so be prepared to let them take center stage. They're perfect for a gown that is beautiful but plain, as they'll add a little bit of sparkle to even the most basic of gowns.

A metallic high heel that also comes in silver, this strappy front sandal is great for any occasion, so it's a good investment shoe. With only a 3 inch heel, this is a shoe that you could possibly wear again, whether it's out dancing with the girls or on date night. Your wedding day is the day on which you're a princess, so why not get some princess shoes to top it all off?

If you're looking to go even more glam, try out a glitter platform sandal – they'll ensure you're the belle of the ball. These are the ultimate glamor girl shoes, perfect for a bride who does not mind standing out. A sling-back shoe with a fashion-forward wrapped platform, these peep toe shoes are totally sexy and yet portray the charming, girlish nature that brides are supposed to convey on their happiest day.

These shoes come in both silver and gold, and it's recommend to match silver glittery pumps with a white dress and gold with a more off-white dress. These kinds of shoes will go with a variety of dresses, but they tend to be better suited for a bride who likes to stand out and wants a little flash when she's twirling on the dance floor.

Of course, there's really nothing like a classic black kitten heel. Often neglected when it comes to bridal shoes, a black kitten heel will make any bride, in any dress, feel like a million bucks. Even though they have a low heel, these shoes are undeniably sexy – perfect for a bride who does not feel the need to go over the top. Black kitten heels go with just about any dress you could find, and the pleated criss-cross vamp with a rhinestone embellishment brings the shoe up a notch.

No matter which shoe you choose for your big day, remember – your smiling face is your best accessory!

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