Bikini Laser Hair Removal Answers

Removing unsightly body hair as we all know has changed dramatically in the past few years, it's not just about if you remove hair or how you remove it, but where you remove hair as well. It appears to be that the days of removing hair on just the underarms and legs are long gone. With advances in technology, we seem to be able to groom and trim, pluck or zap away hair just about everywhere: upper lip, back, chest, between the eyes, but one of the most popular areas to groom has become the bikini line. The practice of removing pubic hair has become more and more common place at laser clinics and medical spas, which is somewhat surprising how intimate an area it is.

It seems unlicensed, but laser bikini hair removal has become extremely popular at med spas and skin care clinics. One reason for the increase is that laser hair removal itself has become a more popular aesthetic procedure and more widely accepted. Just about everyone these days is looking into laser technology! It's not just an increase in laser pubic hair removal, but the backs and legs have become particularly popular treatment areas as well. The other reason the bikini zone has become so popular is because it's permanent. The days of waxing the bikini line just might be numbered with the results that lasers are producing.

The Principles Behind Bikini Line Hair Removal

Laser pubic hair removal is no different than the face, back, legs, or any other part of the body. Light energy essentially burns and destroy unwanted hair follicles. However, due to the sensitivity nature of this particular region, laser technicians do take extra care to insure that bikini line procedures are performed carefully and fairly, whether they're just removing sporadic hairs, or all the hair in proximate to the genitals (aka Brazilian hair removal). If a patient feels pain from the laser, it's usually brief and minimal, somewhat like a rubber band snap, and any redness or bruising should subside within a few days after the treatment. For the most part, bikini laser hair removal is no worse than a waxing in regards to pain and recovery. However, it's the permanency of the technology that really separates skin care lasers! For many people, all it takes is 3-4 sessions of laser treatments, lasting less than an hour each, to get their desired permanent results. The Brazilian has become one of the more talked about procedures at medical spas today, however, it could have been best to test laser treatments out around the bikini line first before making the full on commitment to the Brazilian.

The Cost of Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Like any aesthetic treatment, there are a number of factors that will determine the cost of laser treatments. Your bikini hair removal prices will depend mostly on three things: the region you live in, the clinic you choose, and the number of sessions required. Prices vary greatly, from the west coast and east coast, and depending on the amount of hair, it could take as many as ten sessions as opposed to 5 or 6. Based on national averages, bikini laser costs at your local clinic could be as little as $ 250- $ 300 per session. This could increase to the vicinity of $ 400- $ 500 for a Brazilian hair removal bikini treatment. Generally speaking, Brazilian laser procedures will be more time consuming, since they equal to total pubic hair elimination, rather than the removal of stray, unwanted hairs along the bikini line. These sessions do add up, but remember that laser hair removal is permanent, so after the initial treatment sessions, pubic hair removal will never need to be paid for again.

The appeal of a treatment like bikini laser hair removal or any body hair removal is very easy to understand. With fashion and grooming trends being what they are, it's not always easy to exude total confidence in low cut bikinis, under garments, or athletic attire, especially with the skin irritation often brought on by razors and at-home hair removal products. After just a few brief visits to a reputable laser clinic, however, you can safely and efficiently remove pubic hair and keep it off for the long haul.

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