Smell Like a Million Bucks

First let’s make it clear that just because a fragrance has an expensive price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make you smell rich. Most fragrances that are purchased from other than drugstores can be costly. These fragrances evoke messages that the wearer has found a perfume that expresses who they are or that they just love it. In other cases the wearer will select anything that is bearer at the first whiff regardless what it makes them smell like. These people tend to spend way too much on perfume only to smell cheap. A fragrance that smells classy can be found online for a fragment of the cost then department store prices.

Those individuals that have money may not spend it in good taste. There is a difference between “wealthy” and “classy”. Wealthy people have the means to throw money around and acquire whatever they are promoting on Rodeo Drive. But that doesn’t mean they love that fragrance, it may be because that particular perfume is hard to find and the cost to acquire it coincides. This may not make them smell wealthy and also tend to lead people in inquiring how classy that scent is on that person depending on how and when they wear it.

Are there fragrances available that smell like money? In my viewpoint, in order to smell wealthy means going with a traditional scent. However, on the other hand for those wealthy types who are livelier may prefer something a little less traditional.

Then there are those wealthy people who wear perfume that makes a statement. Their perfume usually draws the attention to those around them.

To me, just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have class. These types of individuals tend to come from a tradition of having expensive things which included their choice of perfume. For those of us who wear perfume daily and don’t save it for special occasions are more willing to select a fragrance that is out of our fragrance wardrobe.

I envision that to smell like a million bucks a fragrance maker would extract the oils from $100 dollar bills and bottle it. I don’t think any of them have thought of that and I can’t imagine that it would be something I would purchase regardless of the price.

Is smelling “wealthy” important to you or are you more inclined to lean toward smelling “classy”? Whichever way you go, being satisfied with your fragrance choice is extremely important.

Source by Patti Zimmerman

Functional Nail Design for the Summer

The following are some of the most popular and most functional nail designs that you can use to make your nails look beautiful this summer:

1) Coral Nail Polish

Coral nail polish is excellent for people who want to create a tropical feel as summer ebbs away. It is also an excellent choice for anyone who will be diving and spending a lot of time on the beach. This coral design will definitely put you in the mood for some fun on the beach. The good thing about many coral polish hues is that they can be worn with everyday wear.

2) The glistening ocean manicure nail design

This is a very popular design that is basically a teal blue manicure with glittery gold and silver tips. The tips can be exclusively gold or you can alternate them with silver. This design makes for a very classy affair that makes you feel sophisticated and social. It is perfect for formal and semi casual parties and events at night.

The teal hue makes one imagine the towering oceanic waves that are strongest in the summer. This makes it a popular choice for use during summer.

3) Neon geometrics

Neon geometrics as a functional nail design have really done on this summer. This design is simple and easy to put on, and its effect is loud and powerful. All you have to do is to have a dark manicure done on your nails, after which neon lines are painted crisscrossing the dark manicure in geometric lines and patterns.

This is a design that you can carry out on your own or in a professional salon and manicure shop. There are many different coats of neon paint that you can use, meaning that the possibilities are endless. Use the neon geometric design this summer to bring your personality out in the open.

4) Dark green nail design

This dark green polish is another functional design that celebrates the pretty palm tree fronds that many people encounter on their trips to the beach. You can use this dark green hue to bring out the sense of adventure and fun that palm trees give as well.

5) Multi colored polka dots

This design will make the people around you think of delicious ice cream coated with colorful candy sprinkles. It is perfect if you want to remember the refreshing coolness of ice cream on a hot summer day.

Source by Becky Watson