Helix Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial !

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THE HOOKED LITTLE MERMAID (Ariel) Makeup Tutorial – Glam & Gore Disney Princess

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Industrial Steampunk FX Makeup Tutorial – PART 2 APPLICATION

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Pre and Post-Op Plastic Surgery Barbie – Special FX Makeup Tutorial

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VAMPIRE Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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How to make bruises with makeup – Easy and fast

Talk about a beat face. If ya like my videos, be a daawwlll and subscribe to my channel! Song is Bug Juice by Nomster! Check out his stuff at: …


Greed Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Get ready to glue forever. You can find the rest of my seven deadly sins series on my instagram! Products: Liquid Glycerin Makeup Forever Gold Metal Powder …


NO SLEEPing Beauty Makeup Tutorial – Glam & Gore Disney Princess

Did you know sleep is vital for your health?! Yeah, well tell that to ya SOUL when you just gotta go DANCIN’. Whatever, you can sleep when you’re dead. This is …


Melanie Martinez Makeup Tutorial

If you’re a Melanie Martinez fan, you might enjoy rocking this makeup look out at a concert or just for fun! It’s super easy, quick and cute so I hope ya zombaes …