ACNE COVERAGE // Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial // MyPaleSkin

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Acne Coverage: Easy Fall Glam Makeup Tutorial // MyPaleSkin

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ACNE COVERAGE // Drugstore Glam Makeup Tutorial // MyPaleSkin

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Easy Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial // MyPaleSkin

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Easy Halloween Glam Makeup Tutorial // MyPaleSkin /ad

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Acne Coverage GLAM Makeup Tutorial // MyPaleSkin

So I woke up yesterday with some really bad acne breakouts all over my skin 🙁 I was doing so well, and skin was healing so much! Life goes on, and I needed to …


Winter Glam Glowy Makeup Tutorial // MyPaleSkin

A winter glam makeup tutorial! Talking you through how to apply a drugstore flawless foundation base & drugstore highlighter and the Manny Mua x Makeup …



Talking you through an easy Drugstore classic holiday glam makeup look! With a soft gold smokey eye, flawless full coverage foundation, and a classic red …