Full Coverage VALENTINE’S DAY Makeup Tutorial! + Romantic Side Bun Updo!

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Neutral Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial ✘ PONY EFFECT Essentials

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Simple Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial ✘ Lisa Phan

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Everyday makeup tutorial! | updated 2016

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1 Min Makeup with Milk Makeup #UOBeautyChallenge

notabeautyguru but watch me try to do my makeup in a minute! I’ve been drooling over Milk Makeup so I’m grateful for this amazing opportunity. 🙂 ☞ Instagram …


GET THE LOOK Jennifer Lawrence | Makeup Tutorial | Transformation

Viele Grüße aus unserem neuen Wohnzimmer!! Passend zum neuen Kinofilm “Passengers” , der am 5. Januar in die Kinos kommt, schminke ich den Look von …