Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

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Jared Leto Talks Mountains and Makeup

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Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial | Costume also painted

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The Joker SUICIDE SQUAD Makeup Tutorial ft. Harley Quinn

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HARLEY QUINN EPIC MAKEUP TUTORIAL (Suicide Squad Halloween Costume Idea 2016)

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Joker Gone GLAM | Suicide Squad Makeup Tutorial

Thumbs up for GREEN HAIR! Please don’t judge my terrible eyebrows either 🙂 Ok, so what CAN’T Jared Leto do??? He slayed the role as Joker (pun intended) …


‘HARLEY QUINN’ Suicide Squad Makeup Tutorial !!!

Wanted to start my October by doing the most requested video of this year. This might actually be my look for Halloween. The Makeup is so colorful and fun.