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Trolls Bridget Poppy Compilation Makeup tutorial Branch Poppy kiss – Disney Makeup Toys

I hope you enjoy this compilation of all the Trolls makeup tutorials I have done! There is Poppy and King Peppy, Bridget( lady glitter sparkles), and King Gristle, …


Trolls Poppy King Peppy Makeup tutorial Branch Bridget Poppy kiss – Disney Makeup Toys Fathers day

This fathers day weekend, Poppy and King Peppy, have put this makeup tutorial transformation together for you. We hope you love it! Little branch and Grandma …


Branch and Grandma Rosiepuff Trolls Makeup Tutorial Branch Bridget Poppy kiss – Disney Makeup

Today, little branch and Grandma Rosiepuff get a happily ever after! We hope you enjoy this makeup tutorial and transformation! Branch’s Grandma doesn’t die …